About Us

The objects for which the Society is established are as follows:

  • To promote the study of agricultural economics and social science problems.
  • To uphold the dignity and unity of academic and research in agricultural economics/social sciences.
  • To publish journals/books/mimeographs as per National & International Standards.
  • To promote and improve the teaching, research and extension in agricultural economics/social sciences for the interest of the academics.
  • To construct association office building/conference hall/seminar hall for the promotion of research in the area of agricultural economics/social sciences.
  • To improve the standard of Agricultural Economics/Social Science Education as per National & International standard.
  • To promote advancement of scientific knowledge and to foster spirit of research & up-gradation of knowledge amongst members.
  • To conduct scientific meeting, symposiums & annual conference of the Association from time to time.
  • To unite the association members in the bond of friendship and mutual understanding.
  • To obtain job satisfaction, physical security & scientific working condition of the members.
  • To provide a forum for open discussion of academic matters of agricultural economics/social sciences.
  • To help members in distress & their families, specially the sick and deceased persons.
  • To encourage all members and people to serve their community without personal financial reward and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards.
  • To encourage freedom of thought & speech and to establish the right of the members of free communication on matters of agricultural economics/social science education and research.
  • To establishing & maintain contact with Universities/colleges/Institutes/similar organizations of national/ international levels.
  • To make rules & regulations for management and control of the Association, so as to reach the objectives stated above.
  • To establish branch of the Association in different locations of India.
  • To promote and encourage literacy, cultural, religious and scientific education among all poor community.
  • To enter into agreements with foreign welfare and educational agencies for study tours, training in specialized areas in the field of agricultural economics/social science and technology institutions and for other matters consistent with the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • To conduct research studies sponsored by the AESRA/other organisations in India and abroad.
  • To promote education/research in agricultural economics/social sciences in the form Annual Award, Life-time Achievement Award, Prize etc.
  • To raise funds from recognised sources for the advancement of the Association.
  • To engage and assist in philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the Governing Body of the Society from time to time.