The Aim of AESSRA IS

  1. To promote the study of agricultural economics and social science problems.
  2. To uphold the dignity and unity of academic and research in agricultural economics/social sciences.
  3. To publish journals/books/mimeographs as per National & International Standards
  4. To construct association office building/conference hall/seminar hall for the promotion of research in the area of agricultural economics/social sciences.
  5. To improve the standard of Agricultural Economics/Social Science Education as per National & International standard.
  6. To promote advancement of scientific knowledge and to foster spirit of research & up-gradation of knowledge amongst members.
  7. To obtain job satisfaction, physical security & scientific working condition of the members.
  8. To unite the association members in the bond of friendship and mutual understanding.
  9. To help members in distress & their families, specially the sick and deceased persons.
  10. To provide a forum for open discussion of academic matters of agricultural economics/social sciences.
  11. To establishing & maintain contact with Universities/colleges/Institutes/similar organizations of national/ international levels.
  12. To promote and encourage literacy, cultural, religious and scientific education among all poor community.
  13. To engage and assist in philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropriate by the Governing Body of the Society from time to time. To resort to all other activities which are incidental, ancillary and complimentary to the foregoing objects.

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